Getting found on Google

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Getting found on Google

As a marketer I hear this all the time. “I want a new website”. There is one thing to consider first and foremost and I tell my clients to think of it this way. Your website is your store front. Do you want to be on High Street or is a strip mall in a small suburb OK with you. It’s not about a wiz bang website. It’s about getting found.

Ask yourself what would Google do?

How is your particular customer going to find you?

The key here is your ‘particular customer’. That is where you need to start.

WHO is your particular customer? Then build your website around the answers you come up with.

The first question I ask my clients is “What’s the end result you’re looking for?” Forget about what you are selling and ask yourself what truly matters to you and what is your ultimate aim. Then work backwards from there.

For instance, I am a digital marketer. I live on the side of a mountain in the Scenic Rim of South East Queensland. My aim in life is to plant a rain forest. What does that have to do with marketing? Nothing!

But that is what I am doing and when I am not planting trees I market my clients web businesses. I set up my business so that I could live on the side of a mountain. That was my end result and I am living my dream.

When I ask the question “What is the end result you are looking for?” everyone says to sell what ever it is they are selling. Actually, most people are mostly concerned about how their website looks, and that’s why I ask the question. Selling online is about the end result and making sure you get there.

Now that you are thinking about that, let’s get started on how to get found on Google, so you can live the life you dream of.

The number one rule to e-commerce is that your ‘particular customer’ can find you. Your website needs to be functional, fast and contain good content. Think of Google first. What is Google looking at. It’s not how pretty your site is or how many followers you have on Facebook.

For instance, if you sell shovels, think about who your customer is. A gardener, a tradie or an undertaker perhaps. Now think about how he is going to find your shovel website. It’s a jigsaw puzzle. Start with the big picture and break it down. How is the small piece going to fit? Then create the theme so that piece fits perfectly into your site.

Getting found on Google is like finding a needle in a haystack. There is so much competition, you need to stand out to be found. Think again of the store front on High Street compared to a small suburban strip mall. The advantage of being on High Street is more traffic, but you will pay more rent to be on High Street.

Being number one in Google, is like being on High Street. You are going to have to pay to get there. Don’t be put off by having to pay for marketing. But make sure you hire someone who has your end result in mind so they can help you actually get there.

A strategic marketing plan may cost you, but if you get the result you truly want, isn’t it worth it?

I offer a comprehensive plan that takes into account all of the pieces of the puzzle so that your particular customer finds what they are looking for. If you are just starting with an idea or have been selling for years, let me help your ‘particular customer’ find exactly what you are offering.

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